Successful Zeolyst Aromatics Users' Conference 2012


Zeolyst Aromatics was delighted to bring the 2nd Zeolyst Aromatics Users'Conference 2012 to the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai.

This aromatics focused event brought together top petrochemical professionals to discuss the latest aromatics & catalyst technological innovations, challenges facing the aromatics sector and industry operating best practices.

The 3 day programme featured interactive dialogue between operators and catalyst/technology suppliers , Welcome Gala dinner to establish connection among aromatics industry players and a social event to enhance network.

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Day 1

1) Aromatics Market Review

2) Xylene Isomerization Catalyst and Its Latest Development

3) Commercial Application of OparisPlus in ZRCC

4) The Two Xylene Isomerization Technologies

5) Developing Competitive Edge with Axens Aromatics Offer – CCR Reforming and Eluxyl

6) Challenges in Research & Development


Day 2

1) Zeolite Technology and Applications – Innovations and Growth together with our Customers

2) Transalkylation Catalyst, ATA, and Its Next Generation

3) ATA Series of Catalyst - A Robust workhorse in Transalkylation

4) Transalkylation and Xylene Isomerization operation and future challenges


Day 3

1) Introduction to SK-KBR

2) Advanced Application of Divided Wall Column in Aromatic Production

3) Energy-efficient Paraxylene Separation using the BP Paraxylene Technology