Zeolyst at a glance

Zeolyst is a leading global supplier of specialty zeolite powders and catalysts.


State-of-the-art zeolite manufacturing facilities are located in Kansas City, KS, USA and Delfizjil, The Netherlands.

Research and development

Zeolite development and scale-up are conducted at R&D Center of Ecovyst; Hydrocracking and petrochemical catalysts are developed at Shell Technology Centers.

Quality assurance

Zeolyst is ISO 9001 Certified – We apply "Continuous Quality Improvement" philosophy to meet and exceed all customer expectations.


Zeolites are used by everyone in the world. Many people may not have a lot of experience with zeolites but would like to learn more. For these people, Zeolyst has posted answers to some commonly asked questions about zeolites as an introduction to what zeolites are and what they do in real-world applications.