A wide variety of commercial zeolite products and our capability to customize zeolites for specific applications give you the flexibility to optimize your process for maximum success. Our materials have been used as catalysts in refinery, petrochemical, and fine chemical processes, as adsorbents and catalysts in environmental applications, as molecular sieves in size separation applications, and as multifunctional materials in a variety of applications.

Aggressive investment in research, development, and capital improvements helps us keep pace with our customers' developing needs. The resulting worldwide network of manufacturing plants, research and development laboratories, and leading technical specialists makes us a world-class supplier of zeolite products and a valued resource for our customers. It's easy to understand why many major international companies have chosen Zeolyst International as a partner for their strategic product and process development programs.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies

For years, the energy and petrochemical industries have counted on the catalysts, technologies and services provided by Criterion, CRI and Shell Global Solutions. Today, these companies have come together under the Shell Catalysts & Technologies brand for a single purpose, to solve the industry’s most complex challenges.

  • We channel years of experience providing value-adding solutions, technologies, and services that drive the energy industry — and the world — forward. At Shell Catalysts & Technologies, innovation lies at our core. We empower the industry with leading technology, catalysts, comprehensive solutions and proven expertise. In doing so, we’re transforming energy through progressive upstream and downstream technologies, extensive and collaborative services and support, and trusted, reliable, and unrivaled expertise.


Ecovyst is a pure-play catalyst and services company. As catalysts for positive change, Ecovyst partners with customers in novel, chemistry-based technologies to address rising demand for high-performing, sustainable products.

Ecovyst helps customers meet increasingly stringent standards for cleaner fuels, better fuel economy and lower emissions. Ecovyst’s innovative product and service solutions help them improve their product's performance and its environmental profile.



Research and development

Zeolite development and scale-up are conducted at R&D Center of Ecovyst; Hydrocracking and petrochemical catalysts are developed at Shell Technology Centers.

Quality assurance

Zeolyst is ISO 9001 Certified – We apply "Continuous Quality Improvement" philosophy to meet and exceed all customer expectations.


State-of-the-art zeolite manufacturing facilities are located in Kansas City, KS, USA and Delfizjil, The Netherlands.