Since its inception, Zeolyst International has developed and produced custom zeolite products for a variety of companies in many application areas. In developing custom zeolites, we have moved customer laboratory-scale material to commercial production, and we have custom tailored standard commercial materials for customer-specific processes.

If your need is for a particular zeolite material which you have developed or licensed, our technical experts can assist with scale-up and manufacture of the final product. If you are investigating a completely new application for zeolites, we can suggest starting materials and possible modifications, provide test quantities, perform detailed analyses of critical zeolite properties, and manufacture the new product specifically for your process.


Zeolyst International has many years of experience producing proprietary materials and follows industry accepted standards for maintaining customer confidentiality regarding all aspects of a project. We are structured in a manner that assures separation of information from personnel not directly associated with the custom project. This non-disclosure includes personnel in our parent companies.


Standard zeolite powders

Broadest range of commercial and specialized zeolite powders, catalysts and adsorbents.

Hydrocracking catalysts

We provide a variety of zeolite cracking catalysts that provide an excellent balance between the desired yield targets, product properties, and long life.

Specialty catalysts

Zeolyst's successful track record in helping plants achieve step changes in profitability has established its reputation firmly as an Aromatics technology partner.



Zeolites are increasingly finding use in the production of petrochemicals, often replacing environmentally unfriendly catalysts.


Zeolites are being studied extensively as heterogeneous catalysts that can be recovered and recycled with greater ease and lower expense, leading to less waste and fewer byproducts.

Emission control

Zeolites can provide effective solutions for automotive emission controls and industrial pollutant abatement.