Zeolyst International has been developing and manufacturing advanced hydrocracking catalysts since 1993, and we supply about 30% of the world's requirements. We provide a variety of zeolite cracking catalysts that provide an excellent balance between the desired yield targets, product properties, and long life. These catalysts are extremely stable with a low yield decline.

Along with our marketing partner Shell Catalysts & Technologies, we provide input at all stages of a catalyst change-out. We perform the analysis and modeling to generate the performance data required to evaluate change-out options. We provide the technical service and expertise necessary to achieve optimum performance, and we offer after-sale support to help with variations in feedstocks, seasonal differences in required output, and/or other opportunities for maximizing value.

With an innovative technical approach and superior services, we are committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge catalyst technology in the hydrocracking area.

For more information on hydrocracking catalysts please visit: https://www.zeolyst.com/our-products/hydrocracking-catalysts.html.


Standard zeolite powders

Broadest range of commercial and specialized zeolite powders, catalysts and adsorbents.

Custom powders and catalysts

Zeolyst International has developed and produced custom zeolite products for a variety of companies in many application areas.

Specialty catalysts

Zeolyst's successful track record in helping plants achieve step changes in profitability has established its reputation firmly as an Aromatics technology partner.



Zeolites are widely used as catalysts in the refining of crude oil into finished petroleum products.


Zeolites are increasingly finding use in the production of petrochemicals, often replacing environmentally unfriendly catalysts.


Zeolites are being studied extensively as heterogeneous catalysts that can be recovered and recycled with greater ease and lower expense, leading to less waste and fewer byproducts.