Z-700A is used in refineries and petrochemical complexes where the isomerization of pentane and hexane is required to produce a high-octane gasoline blending component.  Performance tests of Z-700A have demonstrated its resilience to sulphur poisoning and successful recovery from such incidents. Z-700A can be used in all reactor types utilised for this process: classical fixed bed reactors, radial flow reactors, etc.

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Athos-1 is a new pentane/hexane isomerization catalyst based on Shell Hysomer Process catalyst technology that builds on the commercially proven benefits of the Shell Catalysts & Technologies paraffin isomerization catalyst Z-700A.  Athos-1 offers significant operational and commercial advantages compared with previous paraffin isomerization catalysts and has been specifically designed for the isomerization of pentane and hexane to high-octane-number branched-chain hydrocarbons.

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Zeolyst Athos-3 is a high activity low density paraffin isomerization catalyst.  The Athos-3 produces higher C5+ Octane at a lower reactor temperature compared to previous generation catalysts.  The Athos-3 catalyst can be utilized as part of a stacked bed system that can be tailored to provide the optimum combination of high activity and selectivity to produce improvements in Octane-yield gains.

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Aromatics hydrocarbons processing

Transalkylation, Ethylbenzene reforming type and Ethylbenzene dealkylation type.

Catalytic dewaxing

Used to improve cold flow properties of diesel fuels and lube oils by selective hydroisomerization/ hydrocracking of normal and slightly branched paraffins.


Standard zeolite powders

Broadest range of commercial and specialized zeolite powders, catalysts and adsorbents.

Custom powders and catalysts

Zeolyst International has developed and produced custom zeolite products for a variety of companies in many application areas.

Hydrocracking catalysts

We provide a variety of zeolite cracking catalysts that provide an excellent balance between the desired yield targets, product properties, and long life.